Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Steal" town......the wonder of Rubio.

...Let's cut straight to the 4th quarter.

The Twolves have shown guts and determination and are leading by two points 63-65.

Gimme that!!!
No Pek, No Kirilienko.....none of the usual injured suspects......bare bones.

Ricky Rubio is taking a breather and the Wizards start to make a move. After two and a half minutes of play they have turned things around and have built an 8 point lead. The Twolves look lost and all of a sudden have the defeated appearance we've become accustomed to seeing.

Enter #9....the whole face of the game changes....the expressions on the faces of the Twolves both in the arena and watching from afar change from grimaces into smiles of joy.....4 steals later and this game is won.

Yeah okay, simplistic  (I've vowed to keep my game recaps short-ish) but that's the way it seemed. This kid is everywhere on the basketball court. He doesn't always do right thing and he doesn't always follow instructions but his will to win, his combative, destructive approach to defense and his sublime creativity in helping others score are the only highlights in what has turned out to be another grim 82 games for Minnesota's finest.

Is there a possibility we can go on a little run? Well, Denver tonight.....Dallas and San Antonio at the Target Center next week....we'll need guys back......and that ain't happening......enjoy the win folks!


Joshua Miller said...

T-wolves may have trouble against the nuggets in Denver. Nuggets are pretty strong at home but they did lose to the wizards there so there is a chance. But at +15 my money is on the wolves. Should be a fun game to watch!

Kevin Farmer said...

Nice to hear from you Josh. If you aren't busy tomorrow afternoon why not come up to Kadema and watch it with me on NBA LP? I can't see the Twolves with all their woes pulling off a "W" up in the clouds....but with this bunch anything can happen!